At Berean Christian School, we understand that we are helping to raise up the next generation of young men and women who can impact their world for Christ. Athletics is a way that students can learn important team-building skills, as well as life lessons, including how to win with humility and lose with grace. Athletics also help students learn the importance of working together to achieve a goal.

Another way that our athletic program serves the student body is that it helps teach them how to maintain proper care of their bodies through physical activity. We believe this contributes to their physical well-being and development.

Berean also offers the option of co-op athletic programs. For students who wish to take part in a sport that our school doesn’t currently offer (including football, softball and baseball), we have a co-op arrangement with Gibbs High School so that our students may participate in those sports.

We have an athletic committee that is made up of faculty and parents who are passionate about serving the student athletes and helping to support the athletic program. This committee meets every 2 weeks and is instrumental in promoting the goals and values of our school through athletics.

Parents are always welcome to get involved with the athletic committee and are invited to attend a meeting to learn more. To find out more information about the Berean Christian School athletic committee, contact Eric palmer at

Berean Shines Brightly

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