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Our History

Uniquely Berean

Berean Christian School was founded in 1980 as a ministry of Berean Bible Church, a non-denominational church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our school is adjacent to the church on 10 acres of land, near the Knoxville Zoo on Prosser Road. At the time of the school’s founding, church leaders saw in the public school system a decline in student expectations and accountability, as well as increasingly humanistic philosophies.


Berean Christian School was established to meet a growing need for Christ-centered, top-notch private education. The school’s mission, tenets, and driving principles are built on the foundation of God’s revealed Word, the Bible.


We teach that God, not man, is the source of absolute truth and wisdom. Our faculty teach a God-centered view of the world, as it pertains to every area of a student’s life.  This process of education helps students to think and live as Christians, and equips them to influence their world, while making wise personal and vocational choices.


Over the last 36 years, Berean has grown and changed with the addition of new facilities, new faculty, and increased enrollment. One thing that has not changed is our dedication to raising up godly young men and women and equipping them with the spiritual and educational foundations they need to impact their world for Christ.

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