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Q1:  What's the chaperone situation? 

If we have a mixed group we will have at least one male and one female chaperone.  There will be at least one Berean staff member in each group.  We will enlist parents as needed.  Preference is given to medical personnel where the number of parents is limited.  If a parent would like to travel with the student group, please email the group leader after the student is enrolled.


Q2:  What if we don't make a decision by  February 5?  

Most likely, you will only have daytime options available because travel experiences will be at capacity or cancelled because we did not meet the minimum number of participants needed.


Q3:  What do I do if we have special circumstances to discuss before signing up?  

Please email as soon as possible


Q4:  What if my student chooses not to participate?  

First of all, we are trying to offer a variety of experiences that will appeal to all, so we hope this will not be the  case.  If a student does not participate with the community he/she will be required to do 25 hours of pre-approved community service.  If a student does not complete that before final exams, then on the transcript will be seen "IMPACT - failed" instead of "IMPACT - passed".  It will NOT affect the Grade Point Average, but it will indicate he/she failed a pass/fail class.


Q5:  What if my student does not complete and turn in the journal required for IMPACT?  

The reflective journal is part of the IMPACT experience.  It MUST BE completed and turned in to pass the course.


Q6:  Is BCS helping with any of the costs?  

Yes.  Even the "free" options have costs associated with them that we are absorbing.  No IMPACT is completely family funded.


Q7:  When is payment due?  

Daytime Experiences :  After enrollment in January,  you will be invoiced through We request all balances for all IMPACT experiences have a zero balance by FEBRUARY 15, 2021.


Most overnight out of state and out of the country trips:

You will pay the travel company directly.  Please follow their payment guidelines. I

f your trip does not use a travel agency then you will be billed through beginning in October.  Payments to confirm enrollment and due dates vary by experience.  The invoice will have that information.  Payment schedules may be set up by contacting Mrs. Halley.


Q8:  I have a suggestion for next year.  Who do I need to tell?   

Mrs. Halley


Q9:  For daytime activities, what if I sign up for more or less than 4.5 hours?  

At our discretion we will add or remove a course as needed and notify you and your student.


Linda Halley

Tel: 865-310-0729

Berean Christian School



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