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of Education

God has given parents and families the responsibility of teaching their children the truths of Scripture and developing in them a Christ-like character. We believe the Church was ordained by God to help families and individuals to carry out these spiritual responsibilities. This is why the Berean Bible Church has made a commitment to providing quality, Christian education that includes discipline, as well as various methods of instruction to equip God’s people.

This commitment is demonstrated by our providing Berean Christian Day School, Berean Christian High School, Berean Christian Home School, Berean Christian High School (ISP), and Bible classes. Our society is growing more and more secular and we believe it is necessary to create a learning environment for children where spiritual truths can be integrated into all areas of their lives.

Berean Christian School fully endorses Biblical standards. We believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God and the final authority for life’s decisions. This is why Berean Christian School has a policy that should a family not adhere to Biblical standards in the home, it will result in suspension by the school board. A thorough review by the board will be necessary before reinstatement occurs.

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