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soar Levels

Level One






Various best-practices are available for all students. These accommodations include, but are not limited to:  extra time on classroom assessments as determined by the teacher, preferential seating, and other educational and technological supports. 


The Learning Center will be accessible as the schedule permits for students in Level One. Private tutors may be suggested if there are concerns in specific content areas. Technology support may be provided where it is deemed helpful for student achievement.  


No educational psychological report is required, but is encouraged as there could be an undiagnosed learning concern. Most educational psychological profiles are good for three years. Mild cases of ADD/ADHD may be included in Level One.





All of the notes in Level One could also apply here.


An educational psychologist’s report is required by the school. This will include a citation of a learning concern. Medical reports that impact learning may also be a part of this documentation.


Documentation of dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder, ADD/ADHD (Executive Functioning Deficits) and mild levels of dyslexia would be examples of students requiring Level Two accommodations.


Level Two accommodations may include further direction from the psychologist’s educational report. Often direction includes: notes being provided for students, oral retesting, shortened assignments, and technology supports that are specific to the students (audiobooks, iPads in class, etc.)



$3000 Annually





Students with acute cases of Dysgraphia, Executive Functioning Deficits, Auditory Processing Disorder, Language Disorders, and Dyslexia may require Level Three services. 


Further accommodations may include an assignment to The Learning Center. Testing may be preloaded on iPads so students can listen to tests while taking tests . Technology is utilized more for writing/dictation and for Audio readings. Standardized  tests will be provided in a way that aligns with the psychological report and is consistent with the accommodations the student has been receiving in the classroom. 



$3500 Annually




 This Level is an Extension of Level 3.  

With Level 3.5, the SOAR students will work directly with at least one SOAR teacher for direct instruction daily. This varies according to the students’ needs, as well as the student’s grade level.  The direct instruction occurs in either Reading, Language Enrichment, and/or Math. 


This Level is determined by the Team and the family based on the Educational Psychology Report, Specialists Reports, and students’ needs. This Level will be determined each year based on the recommendations and needs of each student. 



$17,050 Tuition Annually



Only available on the elementary campus. An educational psychology report with a diagnosed learning concern is required. These students will be in a classroom in which multi-sensory teaching and learning take place daily throughout all of the curriculum.  


Students  will receive small group instruction, individual practice and specialized reading and language instruction.  Orton Gillingham techniques and strategies will be implemented across the curriculum.  Further accommodations may be bringing in special tutors or reading specialists. Private tutors would interface with the teachers of our school, utilizing the BCS curriculum.

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