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soar Levels

Level One




Various best-practices are available for all students. These accommodations include, but are not limited to; extra time on classroom assessments as determined by the teacher, preferential seating, more bathroom breaks. 


In elementary school, when students are in need of academic probation, a contract will be agreed upon by the teacher, administration, and the parent to help the student succeed. Parents may be encouraged to provide the support of a tutor.

 In middle and high school, when grades fall below acceptable ranges, students may be placed on a contract system. Under the contract system, students will be asked to have teachers initial their contract, have weekly locker reminders, and write out goals and action steps for future success. To that end, students are expected to establish and maintain personal goals that lead to high academic performance.  School personnel is actively engaged in monitoring performance to recommend and offer support when inconsistencies are found. 


THE LEARNING CENTER will be accessible as needed for students. Tutors may be encouraged if there are concerns in content areas. Technology support may be provided where it is deemed helpful for student achievement.


No educational psychology report is required but is encouraged as there could be an undiagnosed learning concern. Most educational psychology profiles are good for three years. Mild cases of ADD/ADHD may be included in Level One. Meetings will be scheduled as needed with parents.




All of the notes in Level One could also apply here.


An educational psychologist’s report is required by the school. This will include a citation of a learning concern. Medical reports that impact learning may also be a part of this documentation.


Documentation of dysgraphia, midline disorder, ADD/ADHD and mild levels of dyslexia would be examples of students requiring Level Two accommodations.


Level Two accommodations may include further direction from the psychologist’s educational report. Often direction includes: notes being provided for students, oral retesting, shortened assignments, and technology supports that are specific to the students (audiobooks, iPads in class, etc.)


While BCS has some limitations, we offer as many services as able to promote student academic success.Meetings will be scheduled at least on a semester basis.



$3000 Annually




Further accommodations may include an assignment to the LEARNING CENTER.


Testing may be pre-loaded on iPads for students. Standardized tests will be provided in a way that aligns with the psychological report and is consistent with the accommodations the student has been receiving in the classroom.


Acute cases of dysgraphia, midline disorder, dyslexia, and others would be examples of students requiring Level Three services.


Meetings will be called quarterly with families.



$3500 Annually







$16,2500 Tuition Annually






All the notes in Levels One through Three could also apply here.


Further accommodations may be bringing in special tutors and/or reading specialists.


Private tutors would interface with the teachers of our school, utilizing the BCS curriculum.

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