Volunteer / Parent Involvement

Here at Berean Christian School, we welcome and invite parent involvement. We appreciate everything that parents do for our school and we seek to create an open environment where they can take part in their children’s education. There is really no limit to the ways that parents can become involved at Berean, depending on where they feel called to serve.

Some possible opportunities for parents to become involved are through helping to plan and organize school events, class parties and transportation to school functions off-site.

Parents are encouraged to speak to your child’s teacher and inquire about possible ways to get involved or volunteer in the classroom.

If parents have any concerns or questions, we always invite them to consult our school. We only ask that you apply Matthew 18:15-17 and go directly to the person or persons involved. A classroom concern should be brought to the teacher first, and to the principal only if the concern isn’t resolved. If there are still issues, parents should only then consult the Headmaster and lastly, the school board.

Berean Shines Brightly

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