SCRIP is just a fancy name for gift cards.  Shopping with SCRIP is an easy way to save on your tuition and raise money for our school.  Our school purchases gift cards at a discount and sells them at face value.  The difference between our cost and the face value is shared with our families (40%) and our school (60%).   We ask that you earn a minimum of $25 in rebates to receive cash back in May.

How do I purchase SCRIP?

You may purchase physical gift cards in person (SCRIP-to-GO)

  • In the main office from 8am-3pm Monday – Friday.
  • In the DRIVE THRU from 7:40am-8:10am Tuesday mornings.

We have gift cards from over 50 retailers in stock.

Amazon                      Applebee’s
Arby’s                         Bass Pro
Bath & Body              Bed Bath & Beyond
Burger King               Cheesecake Factory
Chili’s                          Chipotle
Cracker Barrel           CVS
Domino’s                    Dunkin’ Donuts
Food City                    Great Clips
Home Depot              Honey Baked Ham
Ingles                           iTunes
JCPenney                    Kohl’s
Krispy Kreme             Lands’ End
Little Caesar’s            Lowe’s
Marshall’s                   O’Charley’s
Panera                         Papa John’s
Pilot                             Pizza Hut
Regal                           Ruby Tuesday’s
Ruth’s Chris               Salsarita’s
Shell                             Starbucks
Subway                        Taco Bell
Target                          Texas Roadhouse
TJMaxx                       Walgreen’s
Wal-mart/Sam’s       Wendy’s

You may ORDER physical gift cards thru the Monday folder using the blue SCRIP envelope and the ORDER FORM below.  All orders received in the main office by Tuesday Noon will be delivered on Friday via your oldest student.

Scrip Order Form 2017-18

You may also ORDER physical and VIRTUAL (electronic) gift cards at  Here you will find cards for hundreds of retailers, including Disney, Visa, Discover, as well as cruise lines, hotels, and airlines.  These cards will be shipped to our school and sent home with your student on Fridays OR delivered electronically when payment is received.

Once you have mastered this, you may want to consider signing up for PRESTOPAY.  PRESTOPAY is similar to PAYPAL and is offered thru Great Lakes SCRIP Company.  When you sign-up for PRESTOPAY, you will have access to SCRIPNOW and RELOAD.  SCRIPNOW can be redeemed straight from your cellphone or printed from your home computer.  RELOAD is adding value to an existing gift  card.  Visit for more details.

Please feel free to contact Carla Johnson at 865.679.6051 or with any questions.  Thank you, and Happy Shopping!

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