Not Your Average Lemonade Stand! HS Econ class goes to work UPDATE 4/9

Week of 4/9– This week in the economics business projects, Two Thirsty Bois opened their doors…or rather, their cart. Two Thirsty Bois is not only a business, but a brand. A lifestyle. This innovative group of seniors has been planning their business for months already by creating a buzz on their Instagram meme page (@twothirstybois). Ben Rudd and Jacob Price, who also acted as last year’s spring formal MC’s, are the “mascots” of the business. The “bois” are fondly known around BCHS for their hilarious antics and sarcastic commentary. Below are a couple memes from their Instagram account:





Not Your Average Lemonade Stand:

…but with a little twist.

What’s the quickest way to make a fast buck?  Selling lemonade in your neighborhood? Mowing lawns? Cleaning your grandmother’s house?

Throughout the months of March and April, Berean seniors are scrambling to figure out the answer to this timeless question. High school history and drama teacher, Mr. Michael Brown, has given his economics students the task of designing, planning, and executing their own businesses this semester. No detail may be left unfinished–each group must have a polished plan ready for two weeks of pure profit.

In February, each group spent one morning presenting their business plans in front of a “Shark Tank” panel of local business owners and investors. Each group needed to be prepared to answer questions about marginal costs and profit predictions, and the panel would decide if the groups’ business models were strong enough to pass. (They all passed).

Each group selected a two-week period in which their businesses would operate, encouraging healthy competition between the groups. Among these businesses we find classic bakeries serving up cupcakes and cookies (among many other tantalizing treats), smoothie and shake shops delivering your favorite non-alcoholic piña coladas and classic milkshakes, a candy cart roaming the halls to provide the perfect reasonably-priced in-between-class snack, and lastly, a clothing catalog complete with two Berean tee shirt designs to satisfy all your school-spirit needs!

Only two weeks in and three businesses are already in full swing! Be sure to buy a cupcake from the Perfect Mix, a tropical smoothie from Just Maui’d, and a tee shirt from the School Spirit Shop this week! You won’t regret it–this is not your average lemonade stand.

Stay tuned to this page for the latest updates on all the businesses: the School Spirit Shop, the Perfect Mix, Just Maui’d, Myrtle’s Shakes and Smoothies, Two Thirsty Bois, and Sweet Things.

Week of 4/2:

This week in the high school, five businesses have been hard at work fighting for customers’ limited resources. Underclassmen have had the option of visiting the Perfect Mix, Just Maui’d, and on Thursday Myrtle’s Shakes and Smoothies in the commons. The Perfect Mix ended with a bang on Wednesday, finding themselves making quite a profit by setting their stand beside the hot lunch tables. The real competition will begin today (Thursday) with Just Maui’d and Myrtle’s dominating the commons area. Both of these businesses are selling similar products with slight price differences, so it will be interesting to see how business bodes for both stands the rest of the week and into next week also.

Sweet Things sent out a pre-order form in the Monday folder for their cupcakes and treats, and this seemed to drum up a little excitement for the opening of their tasty shop in the weeks to come.

The School Spirit Shop will be submitting their tee shirt orders to the printing company today and receiving a quote, but this business by far made the largest profit by an overwhelming margin! In total, the tee shirt shop sold about 200 tee shirts at $12, and they managed to make quite an income.

All in all, this week has been busy and profitable for all the businesses!

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