Important! Registration for the 2018-19 School Year

Last year when we moved to a new school management system we attempted to make the registration process easier and digital. It was a learning curve, to say the least, but it did cause us to rethink some of the ways we have historically approached enrollment for this coming school year.

Basically, as a current family, you have had to reenroll your child every year just like a new family. As we reviewed the enrollment procedure, we wanted to make the registration process much easier for current families.

This year, we will be approaching the registration process in a different way. In previous years, your child was automatically unenrolled from Berean until you paid the registration fee and filled out the required paper work. Beginning this year, your child will be automatically enrolled for the coming year unless you inform the school office of your decision to not have your child attend BCS in the coming school year.

I will be providing you with specific details regarding this change within the next couple of weeks. I assure you we are working hard to make this year’s registration easy, clear, and as simple as we possibly can.

Thank you for your support and commitment to our school. I pray this will be a very happy 2018 for your family.

This morning I sit at my desk writing my last headmaster reflection. What does one say to a community of friends who have been his focus for 14 years? What

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