BCS Students Perform in the Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra!


The Fine Arts at Berean is proud of 6th Grader McKelvey Cox, 7th Grader Jacob Ruffner, and Sophomore Kristina McCune who performed with the Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra at the Tennessee Theater Nov.11. There are six orchestras under Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra that is affiliated with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. 

The Youth Orchestra consist of :

Youth Orchestra
Youth Chamber Orchestra
Sinfonia Orchestra
Philharmonia Orchestra
Preludium Orchestra
Overture Ensemble

 McKelvey performs with the Philharmonia.

 Jacob performs with the Sinfonia Orchestra.


Kristina Performs with the top group Youth Orchestra. She has also been selected to perform and will be competing at the 2018 National Orchestra Festival in Atlanta in March.


All three students are involved in The Fine Arts Department’s Studio that involves one on one instruction/lessons in various areas that range  from the ukulele, piano, drums, flute, and voice, as well as acting! Kristina is a coach in the Studio for violin. Overall the Studio at Berean has over 70 students involved. The Studio Director is Beth Smith. Any questions concerning participation in the Studio can be made to Beth Smith at bethsmith@berean.me

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