BCS Science Fair Results




Science Fair Results

Our first BCS Science Fair was held on Thursday, April 5th. We had 100 students to participate from 3rd grade through 11th grade. Each student is to be commended for hard work and knowledge gained about conducting an experiment using the scientific method. Here are the first, second and third place winners for each grade:

Third Grade
1st place – Caleb Roach

2nd place – Jillian Kemp

3rd place – Kendel Pilgrim

Fourth Grade
1st place – Elias Childers

2nd place – Carson Robertson

3rd place – Keaton Burnett

Fifth Grade
1st place – Josh Myers

2nd place – Allie Bragg

3rd place – Kiya Wiley

Middle School
1st place – Christina Casey

2nd place – Aliyah Collazo and Anna Mullins

9th Grade
1st place – Eliana Ritchie

2nd place – Cooper Hayes

3rd place – Zadie Fiveash

11th Grade
1st place – Kailee Settle

2nd place – Joseph Hancock

3rd place – Noah Curi



For elementary, the class scoring the highest point average was Mrs. Spell’s 5th grade class. The class received an honorary ribbon to display.

Thank you, teachers and parents, for teaching and encouraging the students to do their best and to enjoy learning. A thank you is also extended to our 5 judges – Dr. Bob Core, Dr. Norm Walton, Joseph Jackson, Robyn Collette, and Samantha Coy for volunteering to spend their morning judging our science fair boards. Doug Rosine and David Belew were so kind to come help with clean up after the science fair – thank you!

My prayer is that our students will always be amazed at the wonders of God’s creation and continue to develop a thirst to know Him better.

In Christ,

Terri Lakin Elementary Principal

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