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Berean's SOAR program offers the only all-day, contained classroom experience for struggling dyslexic students in Knoxville and East Tennessee and, as a result, is uniquely positioned to give these students what they need to succeed.  We understand that every student has unique learning requirements and we tailor our school’s programs to meet the various needs of our students. We foster learning with our small class size. 


I am excited that Emma’s success story can contribute back to the SOAR program that has been life changing for her.


SOAR gave Emma the environment and tools she needed to succeed!


Here is a bit of her story:


Emma began SOAR in 2nd grade after attending 3 other schools.  The previous school pulled her out daily with a reading group for extra help.  But the lessons and difficulty in the reading assignments kept increasing even though she struggled with earlier lessons.  This combo created great frustration and tears were common after school and during homework.  She questioned why she couldn’t read like the others and began to question her own ability.


Once she started at Berean, it was about October and her countenance changed and she began to show bits of confidence.  Soon her laughter returned and she began to relax and enjoy friends and school.  That was the point she could begin to learn and gain tools she needed for academic success.


The SOAR program systematically transitioned her out the self-contained classroom starting in the 4th grade.  Though it was a huge adjustment, she had the support she needed that had been crafted just for her through the ILP.  (is that what its called?  Individual Learning Plan…whatever that thing is J ).  I am grateful for teachers and administration that took the time to go through each variable of what she needed at school to craft that plan. Then even more grateful for the teachers 4-8 that have implemented her plan day in and day out and have done the hard work of creating a pathway that she could succeed. Through SOAR and later Level 2 support, Elementary school was a huge success and redeemed her impression of school.


Emma is driven to give her best.  In Middle School, that is where her drive and confidence began to shine through.  She made the A/B honor roll at the start of 7th grade and she was hooked.  She took ownership of her education and began to seek teachers for extra help, she texted friends about assignments and was diligent about what she needed to do to learn and turn in assignments and study for tests.


It is 8th grade now and I hardly need to ask her about assignments or items coming up. She has made all A honor roll since the beginning of 8th grade.  I am so proud that she recognizes when she needs to ask for help, she schedules her time even with a busy soccer schedule and the school play.   At this point she just needs the guidance and encouragement to keep up the good work.   I can just hear Mrs. Fiveash saying “Emma, You’ve got this Girl!”. 


I am one proud mom.  So thankful for Berean and the SOAR program.  It is changing lives, we are living proof.