Berean Blessing Day! Special Visits to the Berean Fam!

Some Berean Families received a special Berean blessing visit from Coach Mike during Distant learning Days!
Past Berean Blessing's
Berean Blessings

I was once part of blessing a 7 year old girl who had never been given presents at Christmas time. In an effort to bless her, many students organized and saved up $800 as a school which they used to purchase Christmas gifts for her. We invited the young girl to the school, made a tunnel for her to run through, had her sit on a princess throne (that the students had made) and each class gave her presents purchased with the money they raised. 

I will never forget this. I’m sure it blessed the girl and her family, but I wasn’t prepared for how it made me feel. It inspired me to pursue what has become a personal motto of mine.... ‘find joy in the happiness of others.’

Reflecting on this memory has inspired me to start a similar program at our school. “Berean Blessings” is an opportunity for your son or daughter to experience the lifelong memory of making a big difference in someone’s life!