Berean Blessing Day! Special Visits to the Berean Fam!


Berean Blessings

Who has been blessed update?

Former High School teacher, Candace Marshall... as a thank you for the love she poured out to students.

Michael Brown (high school teacher) as a thank you for loving hundreds of BCS students so well. Anna Bella Ivey's family with funeral expenses
Our pre-school who are buying some new playground equipment.
Kim Rundles.... to bless her new home.

A family from Fairview Baptist who lost their mother to COVID

Darla and Buzz Glies' oldest son, David, is married to former HS principal, Susan Wallis' daughter Amy. They had their first child this weekend (1st grandchild for Darla and Buzz) and needed some help whilst Amy is off work caring for the new baby.

The great grandmother of Hayley, Riley and Connor Copeland who recently lost her husband.

Upcoming Blessings:

Veterans related to our K classes who are coming to BCS on 11/11.

Disciple Support Ministry in Nairobi, Kenya. We are buying 50 bibles for the Pastors to minister to the families in the slums.

We will be collecting a special offering from Alumni for Tomasso Pogany, the HS trip Europe tour guide. He has blessed many at BCS. A special man. He has not worked since March and is struggling to afford life with a toddler.

And two BCS teachers...


Each class gets $40 this year (40 years of BCS), to bless who they agree on.

Thanks for your continued support and generosity. We have two requests.

1) This week we start collecting shoes and boots for kids in Maynardville who can’t go to school as they don’t have shoes. We need all sizes in girls and boys, new and used. We will have tubs outside each school entrance to drop them in.

2) Also, could you continue to encourage your child/children to bring their offering each week? The more students we have participating, the more we can show Jesus to our community.

God is working at BCS Cheers,
Coach Mike

Some Berean Families received a special Berean blessing visit from Coach Mike during Distant learning Days!
Past Berean Blessing's
Berean Blessings

I was once part of blessing a 7 year old girl who had never been given presents at Christmas time. In an effort to bless her, many students organized and saved up $800 as a school which they used to purchase Christmas gifts for her. We invited the young girl to the school, made a tunnel for her to run through, had her sit on a princess throne (that the students had made) and each class gave her presents purchased with the money they raised. 

I will never forget this. I’m sure it blessed the girl and her family, but I wasn’t prepared for how it made me feel. It inspired me to pursue what has become a personal motto of mine.... ‘find joy in the happiness of others.’

Reflecting on this memory has inspired me to start a similar program at our school. “Berean Blessings” is an opportunity for your son or daughter to experience the lifelong memory of making a big difference in someone’s life!