A Lesson from Epic Day 2018!


      A lesson from Epic Day 2018

What is going on? We prayed for good weather and no rain. Why didn’t God answer our prayer? Did He not know Epic Day would be better in nice, warm weather so more people would come?

We all have come to this point in our faith on prayer. Col 1:17 says “God holds all things together.”

God was all over that weather pattern Saturday for BCS Epic Day!


As a marketing team, we are always keeping an eye out for opportunities that help define the Berean Christian School Brand or what we call distinct elements that set us apart as a school choice for families.

Epic Day has given us a very distinct value about BCS this year, and God used His answer to our plea for good weather.


In case you missed it? The weather (in our eyes) was awful: cold, gray, and rainy. It was, in fact, the exact opposite of what we had prayed for. However, God answered our prayer perfectly as He always does.

Let me explain. Epic Day is an effort envisioned by Mike McDonald to bring the BCS community “together” as one and build into our unity and commonness as Berean Christian School, as well as reach out to the surrounding community near the school. Jeremiah 29:11 states “God knows the best plan for us,” so why all the rain?

I want to encourage the BCS community for the outstanding display of love and support and “togetherness” shown in support of BCS Epic Day! Thankfully God knew how to reveal to us a distinct value he has entrusted to Berean to show and know His plan and love for us.

We may have missed out on what God is doing in and around the BCS community if “our plans” for good weather and been granted. I started to get a glimpse of what God was doing when Mark Little around noon said the parking lot was maxed out and there were more here than last year at this time! What? I thought the weather was awful…yet God was doing His perfect will by allowing the rain and stirring the hearts of people to come “together” because they wanted to be “together” as a Berean community. Despite the uncomfortable conditions, people came because they wanted to support and be “together,” and they made the most of it!

My own observation as I talked with people and walked around the campus was that if the weather had been pretty and nice, I think I would have missed seeing this incredible community God has knitted “together.”  That is what is distinct about Berean. It’s a community that is “together” through the good times as well as the hard times, even times when we really can’t explain why.

I hope the whole Berean community can see how God’s perfect plan and love was shown by allowing the perfect weather for such an Epic statement of “together” by His grace!

Let us tell others that Berean Christian School has a distinct “together” community.

Glory be to God!

From the Marketing Team


Coach Mike McDonald, thank you for loving us well and allowing the love of Jesus to flow through you as the Epic Day director. Well done, mate!  






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