High School Spring Formal Attire

Our annual Spring Formal and late nighter for the entire high school is one of the most anticipated events of the school year.  The venue will be announced in March.  We have a formal dinner and program at one venue, then a chaperoned late nighter until 1 am Saturday morning at another venue. The cost for the entire event will be approximately $40 per person.  Tickets will go on sale the end of March.

This is a very special Berean family event for the entire high school student body and faculty.  Many photos and videos of the year’s happenings find their way into our program.  As always, we have the traditional “roasting of the seniors” by some brave faculty members.  Because of the “family” nature of this event, we do not permit students to invite non-Berean students as friends or dates.  Alumni who graduated from Berean and are no more than two years out of high school are an exception to that exclusion.  Dates are certainly not required, and historically the majority of the students attending do so without dates.

We know shopping for clothing may have already begun, so please continue reading.  Our prayer is that this information will help your shopping experience be as stress-less as possible.

The dress is semi-formal to formal.  This means dressy knee length or longer dresses for the girls and dress shirts, ties and dress pants, suit or tux and no athletic shoes for the guys.  

We can’t begin to express our appreciation to the HS girls who each year have made a special effort to find a modest, elegant dress for this occasion.  It is unfortunate that this is becoming a difficult task for Christian women who want to be modest in their attire given the secular nature of our culture today.  Even though individual families may have varying standards to express modesty, we are asking you to cooperate with the guidelines we have established.  Please hear us when we say that we are NOT suggesting your daughter is immodest if her dress does not meet our specific measurable guidelines.  We are simply saying that for purposes of uniformity, clarity and measurable consistency, we have set the standards for this event.  We anticipate that the process presented below will only serve to encourage our young ladies for their excellent choices!


As Paul suggests in 1 Timothy 2:9, “Women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control . . . with what is proper for women who profess godliness.”  Modesty includes avoiding clothing that is sexually enticing, as well as clothing that draws undue attention to oneself.


As you set out to select a dress for the Spring Formal, we ask you to consider a few questions:

Will this dress draw undue attention to a specific part of my body?  Am I going to be able to act naturally and have a good time with a clear conscience without being uncomfortable or self-conscious?


  • Neckline:  With your hand completely horizontal to your chest, hook your thumb above your collarbone and place your fingers together underneath your collarbone. The non-see-through fabric should touch the side of your pinky finger.  Make sure the dress fabric is at that height all the way across the chest to the armpits. No exposed cleavage.
  • The dress should not cling to the buttocks or be too tight  – no mermaid style dresses
  • In the back, the fabric should be within 2 inches of the bottom of the  shoulder blades
  • Slits may come no higher than 3 inches above the knee
  • If wearing a knee length dress the non-see through fabric should come to the top of the knee
  • For dresses with “dipping” necklines or backs or see-through fabric, simply adding nude or colored fabric underneath many times solves the problem.


DRESS APPROVAL:  In an effort to help the girls understand the guidelines,  comply with them, and to avoid an awkward and upsetting situation at the Spring Formal, we ask that girls bring in and try on their dresses for prior approval.

Girls, plan to bring your dresses in for review. Your moms are welcome to come. No appointment is necessary. At least a day before bringing in your dress  tell Mrs. Halley or Ms. Randolph you will be trying the dress on  during lunch.    You will try on the dress in a private room and Mrs. Halley and Ms. Randolph and hopefully confirm that you have chosen well. You are welcome to have a friend or your mom help you with your dress, but your friend will need to wait outside during the preview. We have already started previewing dresses and encourage you to not wait until the last minute.

The sole purpose of the review is to ensure that each dress meets the guidelines of the school.  Modesty is the primary focus. Bringing in a picture will NOT be sufficient.  We try to be as consistent as possible with each and every girl and we have found that bringing in a picture does not help us accomplish that. We expect that when you bring the dress in, you are 100% sure it meets the guidelines above.  Our job should not be to tell you where it falls short of meeting the guidelines, but simply to confirm that you have met or exceeded the guidelines.  Please approach the process this way.  In addition, Ms. Randolph and Mrs. Halley will go over the guidelines very soon to answer questions and physically demonstrate the guidelines.  

Tickets to the formal will be sold to you or your date  when  you have had your dresses approved.  We do not expect anyone to arrive at the Spring Formal in a non-approved dress.  This would result in the awkward and embarrassing moment where we could possibly have to tell you that you cannot be admitted to the event.  The very last day to purchase tickets will be MONDAY, APRIL 24, so plan accordingly, please

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance in ensuring that every student has a wonderful, memorable, Christ-honoring time at the formal.  If you have further questions regarding the specific guidelines, please contact lhalley@bereanchristian.org, the faculty sponsor for the Spring Formal.

Partnering with you in serving Christ,

Susan Wallis George Waller

High School Principal Headmaster

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