January 19, 2018
School open at regular time, January 19. Upper campus driveway closed. All students dropped off at lower campus.
Holocaust escapee speaks to High School

Dr. Henry Fribourg came recently to Berean to speak about his personal experience as an escapee from the Nazi Holocaust. Dr. Fribourg was born in Paris, France, and was 10 years old in 1940 when his family fled the Nazi invasion. He shared the story of his family, the history of the Holocaust, his life since coming to America, and his beliefs as a Reformed Jew.

This was an eye-opening experience for many as firsthand accounts surround World War II are becoming extremely rare, and both students and faculty took much away from this time.

Last year when we moved to a new school management system we attempted to make the registration process easier and digital. It was a learning curve, to say the least,

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