God-given Talent for His Glory

Over the past two weeks, I have personally been overwhelmed with the realization of the amazing talent the Lord has assembled on our campus at BCS. As I wrote about in my previous reflection, the girls’ volleyball team won our first state championship in athletics. What I didn’t tell you was that on that team are two of the leading players in the entire country! Amanda Singleton, who is a junior, is ranked 51st in America for assists among all high school teams no matter the size of the school! She was named by MaxPrep player of the week in the state of Tennessee last week.

Many of you know about Lily Felts and her accomplishments on the volleyball court. She has signed a scholarship to play for the University of Tennessee. What you probably do not know is she, like Amanda, is ranked nationwide. In Lily’s case, it is for kill shots. In fact, Lily is the #1 ranked player in the entire country for kill shots this year!

It is easy for us to watch a volleyball, soccer, or basketball game and take for granted the God-given ability being demonstrated right in front of us! When we attend a concert, listen to a recital, or watch a play we can actually miss the amazing skill demonstrated right in front of us if we are not careful.

This past week I attended The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe play that was performed by our MS/HS drama students. The production was, in a word, phenomenal. The talent I saw on that stage made me realize how incredibly blessed we are as a school once again. A couple of years ago, I realized that we had hidden within our halls talent like Amanda and Lily in a different arena. The fine arts needed as much attention as our athletics, and I asked Tab Jordan to help us raise the bar at Berean in the Fine Arts area.

I knew that the Lord had brought together an incredible team of faculty, and we were well positioned to make a push to enhance our Fine Arts program. On Thursday and Friday night last week, you saw the result of the blessing of the Lord.

Jeanne Alexander, Michael Brown, Tab Jordan, Wynter Manis, and Beth Smith, along with a host of parents, built a foundation for our students to demonstrate the beautiful talent they have been given by the Lord. The play and the artwork on display in the fellowship hall was testimony to the goodness of the Lord in leading these faculty members to our school. They are making a difference in the lives of many students who are not necessarily athletes but equally gifted. And that gifting now has a platform for expression that is bringing glory to the Lord just as we are seeing in the athletic program. Congratulations to our students and our fine arts faculty for a job well done.

This morning I sit at my desk writing my last headmaster reflection. What does one say to a community of friends who have been his focus for 14 years? What

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