We are proud of our athletic program here at Berean Christian School. Most of our sports teams play their games at our on-campus facilities.

Our athletic facilities include a full-sized gymnasium that is used by our school’s P.E. classes, as well as for volleyball, basketball, and indoor soccer. Berean also has a soccer field where our middle and high school soccer teams play.


Our athletic program teaches students how to maintain proper care of their bodies through physical activity, which contributes to their physical well-being and development. We have a state-of-the-art weight room to offer our athletes opportunities for training and conditioning.

Our cross country teams practice on campus, as well as at various local parks and other facilities. Meets are held around Knoxville at a variety of locations.

Berean’s swim team has access to the swimming facilities at the University of Tennessee for training and meets.


Berean Shines Brightly

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