A Year for Prayer

This past week in our teacher in-service devotional times, we talked a great deal about prayer and the power of it in our lives. I frequently say that our desire for Berean Christian School is to be a “truly Christian” Christian school. Having the name Christian School does not make a school Christian in its philosophy or practices.

When Jesus Christ is placed as its Head, and the Bible is honored as its final authority for every aspect of teaching and practice, then a Christian school is “truly Christian.” Well-prepared teachers (both spiritually and academically), the content of the curriculum, and actively practicing Biblical integration are all important. There is, however, one very important practice that will do more than anything else to help us to develop and keep our Christian school “truly Christian.” I am referring to prayer and the continual practice of praying. This would include praying for teachers and students, praying for school leadership, praying that God’s purposes will be accomplished in a way that will bring glory to His name and further spread the gospel.

Paul encouraged the church at Thessalonica, “pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” I Thess. 5:17-18. Jesus frequently exhorted His disciples and hearers to pray.

If our genuine desire is to educate our children in a truly Christian school, if our longing is for Berean to be that kind of a Christian school, we must be diligent in prayer. Not just a few Christians, but each and every one who has the conviction that kingdom education is essential for our children, must pray.

I close with this word of thanks and gratitude to all who will commit to diligently pray for our school this year. To our “Moms in Prayer” group that met each week to pray, to the many members of Berean Bible Church who regularly pray for the school, to the parents and friends in other churches who pray for BCS, thank you!

As headmaster of Berean Christian School, my heart’s desire is not primarily for more funding or for adding to our number of students. It is to see the number of believers increase who would daily and diligently pray for Berean Christian School. I believe that God will do amazing things if we will all faithfully pray for the movement of the Holy Spirit on our campus this year. Please join me in praying that we might see our students grow in grace and glorify God as they witness the Lord’s Spirit move in our midst and answer many prayers over the course of this new school year.

George Waller

Berean Headmaster

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